Pandemic impacted the daily life of everyone quite drastically. Every sector was paused during covid. And a sudden change of work method had to replace the ordinary/routine mode of work. Travel came to stand still and communication in this time became necessary, panic mode was still on. WFH, generally known as Work From Home, took the front seat with a top gear.

Wifi, Laptops and mobile phones sailed us through these tough times. Conference rooms were replaced by online meeting rooms, Ironed clothes took a rest in your wardrobe, home became a mini office, no traveling added those extra sleep time or exercise time.

We became part time chefs and social media gave us comforting coffee gossip. Gyms were replaced with terraces, staircases etc but we all did that alone as the fear of pandemic had hit us more.

We learnt a new lesson, even if it is work from the office or Work from home, Work still came before Office or Home. In these tough times we faced two scenarios; a hectic schedule to complete your targets or timely log outs that ensured family time too.

If you agree, share your Work From Home experiences with us.


3 Replies to “A new space called, Work From Home!”

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