What is Manpower Planning & Budgeting ?

We essentially highlight this process to every employer. In many cases it is observed that this stage is missed. Generally an employer decides to hire when required but if this planning is done in advance, the organization is ready well in advance to avoid any crisis when business grows exponentially. Hiring the number of qualified employees and placing the right employees in the right job at the right time, so that an organization can meet its set goals.

Operational cost center is determined by manpower budgeting. It is a key process that helps your business goals and the number of employees you will require to achieve those goals.

Below are the key stages in which we do HR Planning and Budgeting.

  • Create an HR Budget
  • Assess Headcount requirement (Department wise, Job family wise)
  • Assess Training Requirements (Functional, Behavioral and Leadership)
  • Allocate Merit Increase % (percentage of total payroll for merit increase,        bonus & other rewards)