• Preparation

It is a step in which the HRM department prepares a frame of ideal candidate for the vacant position. The skills and competencies required to perform the job are identified, also a qualification and level of experience required to execute the job responsibilities is determined.

  • Accepting Resumes

Once the advertisement about the job vacancy is posted through internal and external sources of recruitment, the HR department starts receiving the applications for the job opening. Most of the time the HR department confirms the candidate that their application is received by the organization and the further sorting process is going on.


Selection stage 3: Interview rounds. The ranked and selected candidates can be called for the interview round. There are several interview rounds which can vary from 2-6 based on the selection process adopted by the organization. Mostly the HR round includes the background verification, personality check and behavioral suitability of the candidate. The manager interview round is often used to check the actual work suitability of the candidate.

Selection stage 4: Future work situation This is considered as a last round of selection in which a simulated work exercise is given to the candidate. It includes the question or tasks related to the area of expertise of the candidate. It provides actual results about the ability of the candidate to perform as a future employee of the organization.

  • Selection Stages:

Selection stage 1: Cancel out unqualified applicants, here the selection process begins- In this stage the applications which are not suitable for the job are canceled out by the HRM department. The application can be canceled based on the un-matching qualification or experience of the candidate.

Selection stage 2: Arrangement of candidates. The applicants who are matching to the requirement of the job vacancy are then rated based on their on-paper experience and qualification. The ratings convey how well the applicant fits the vacant job profile. It is a time consuming process and many times excel sheets are used to sort out the application and rank them based on their suitability to the job profile.

  • Offer And Joining Formalities

Generally 2-3 top selected candidates get joining offers from the organization. The joining formalities include the submission of relevant papers and signing the work contract with the organization. After the documentation formalities the joining date of the employee is decided and a new recruit joins the organization.

Recruitment Outsourcing Process (ROP) and its advantages to the companies

Recruitment Outsourcing is a part of human resource processes is the latest practice being followed by middle and large sized organizations where they outsource the recruitment process to the Recruitment consultant, search and select companies or recruitment Specialist companies. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing is commonly known as RPO is itself a huge industry itself and there are lots of national and international companies practicing and doing great business worldwide.

SME’s and Corporate Recruitment

1. HR outsourcing supports the Human resource professionals of the organizations to focus on the strategic functions and processes of human resource management.

2. Outsourcing organizations strive for providing cost saving benefits to their clients and also provide economies of scale to the large sized organizations. Outsourcing is fruitful for both the corporate organizations that use the outsourcing services as well as the

consultancies that provide the service to the corporate. Along with increasing organization revenues, profit, outsourcing process provides business opportunities to the service providers, contractors, to enhance the skill set of the service providers and exposure to the different corporations, increasing their expertise level ..

We feel that this specialist part of HR is often unrecognized for its contribution to the profitability and success of a business growth & marketing. We believe in success of our business in the world.

Our Offerings

  • Optimal resources utilization
  • A satisfied and, hence, highly productive employees
  • Turning the management’s focus to strategic level processes of HRM
  • Structured and fair performance management
  • Freedom from red tape and adhering to strict rules and regulations
  • Value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage
  • Therefore outsourcing helps both the organizations and the consultancies to grow and perform